Health Insurance

Student health insurance is an optional benefit for domestic graduate and professional students and can be purchased through the Graduate and Professional Center during the open enrollment activity period at the current health insurance fee. It must be renewed in the fall and spring terms in order to provide continuous coverage. Graduate students receive services through a PPO physician in their area. Graduate students need to pay the Health Center Health Fee each semester if they want to be seen in the Student Health Center. Office visits are free, and if students are referred to specialists, the deductible is waived by the insurance. Graduate students must be enrolled at least part time according to their program of admittance during the session for which they want insurance.

Information regarding coverage, usage, and how to sign up for the insurance or health center coverage can be obtained at Information regarding health insurance can also be obtained by calling Gallagher Student Health at (800) 406-4517. For more information, contact the Graduate and Professional Center at (626) 815-4570.