Office of Research and Grants

The Office of Research and Grants (ORG) promotes, supports, and celebrates research and grant opportunities to advance the Scholarship Cornerstone of Azusa Pacific University. Research is celebrated through regular faculty luncheon presentations, frequent email newsletters to faculty citing significant scholarly activities, and a quarterly Cornerstone newsletter that highlights recent accomplishments and other research-related activities by APU students and faculty. ORG promotes faculty research by hosting faculty writers’ retreats each year, and by assisting faculty with identifying external funding sources, reviewing application drafts, processing grant proposals through APU’s routing system, and submitting completed grant applications to prospective funding sources. ORG also assists faculty in administering and managing sponsored grant awards.

ORG also awards graduate student travel grants, which are internal grants to support graduate students in presenting their research at professional conferences. Applications are available on the APU website and can also be obtained by contacting the office.

ORG promotes ethical practices in research through its oversight of the Institutional Review Board and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, two entities that review all faculty and student research involving uses of human and animal subjects. Finally, ORG supports graduate student dissertation and thesis publication through the Director of Graduate Student Publications housed in ORG.