Business Administration Minor (Professional)

PRBA 120Financial Accounting3
PRBA 210Principles of Management3
PRBA 260Marketing Principles3
PRBA 300Business Finance for Managers3
PRBA 370International Business3
PRBA 448Organization and Administrative Behavior3
PRBA 495Writing 3: Business Ethics 13

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Critical Thinking: Identify and solve business problems using analytical and critical thinking skills.
  2. Quantitative Reasoning: Analyze quantitative data to address real-world or discipline-specific business problems.
  3. Information Technology: Apply current information technologies to business issues.
  4. Christian Business Ethics: Use biblically-based ethics to make moral and virtuous ethical and socially-responsible business decisions.
  5. Written Communication: Convey ideas clearly and effectively through professional written communication.
  6. Oral Communication: Communicate in informative or persuasive ways using the appropriate genre, channel, structure, and style.
  7. Global/Multicultural Awareness: Informed by biblically-based ethics, students will identify and respond to cultural, economic, and political aspects of business in multicultural and global environments.