Substance Use Disorders Certificate

The Substance Use Disorders Certificate is designed for students already enrolled in the MFT program, and for program alumni wishing to return and enhance their knowledge base. The certificate comprises 11 additional units taken over the course of a year, allowing students time to work in the field while gaining expertise. This program expands on the skills and knowledge needed to improve the health and wellness of individuals struggling with substance use, giving students access to a competency that historically has been afforded only to those working in the substance use disorder field.

Students who have not already taken PPSY 511 as part of the MFT program must complete it as part of their certificate.

PPSY 511Addictions, Assessment, and Interventions3
PPSY 513Substance Use Disorders II: History, Support, and Promising Practices3
PPSY 514Substance Use Disorders III: Co-Occurring Disorders, Co-Morbidity, and Integrated Treatment3
PPSY 515SUD IV: Families and Other Special Populations; Confidentiality and Evidence Based Practices3
PPSY 516Legal and Ethical Issues in Substance Use Disorders1
PPSY 517Motivational Interviewing with the SUD Population1
Total Units14