Master of Science in Organizational Psychology

The Master of Science in Organizational Psychology program includes 13 courses (39 units), all of which are required for the degree. There are no electives.

LDRS 503Organizational Behavior3
OPSY 501Introduction to Organizational Psychology3
OPSY 502Organizational Ethics3
OPSY 505Individual and Team Assessment3
OPSY 510Organizational Assessment and Interventions3
OPSY 520Consultative Applications of Organizational Psychology3
OPSY 525Executive Coaching Skills and Techniques3
OPSY 534Organizational Systems: Theories of Change3
OPSY 542Organizational Implications of Diversity3
OPSY 590Statistics in Organizational Psychology3
OPSY 592Research Methodology and Survey Applications3
OPSY 595Introduction to Thesis in Organizational Psychology3
OPSY 596Thesis in Organizational Psychology: Data Collection and Analysis3
Total Units39