American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI)

The American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers preparatory English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and intercultural programs to equip nonnative-English-speaking international students, scholars, and professionals with language, academic, and culture skills needed to meet the rigor of university life at Azusa Pacific University. These programs provide holistic academic, cross-cultural, spiritual, and leadership training for international and American students and scholars, preparing them for academic success in the university.

ALCI has intermediate and advanced levels of study, taught in two 15-week semesters and a 10-week summer semester. Students applying to graduate or professional programs must successfully complete Level 5, and students applying to undergraduate programs must successfully complete Level 4 (a higher requirement may apply to some undergraduate, graduate, or professional programs; check with your admissions counselor). At ALCI, students focus on the development and demonstration of competencies in academic research and writing, oral presentation, and auditory and pronunciation skills. ALCI is an approved member of the American Association of Intensive English Programs (also known as EnglishUSA).

ALCI Application and Placement Testing

A student whose iBT or IELTS score is below that required for regular admission to the student’s intended undergraduate, graduate, or professional program may apply to Azusa Pacific University’s ALCI program. To enter ALCI, students must meet one of the following testing requirements: iBT score of 50; IELTS score of 5.0; or Level 3 placement on the ALCI placement exam. Students may contact ALCI to schedule an ALCI placement test, and should submit an application to ALCI, along with the $45 nonrefundable processing fee, a certified diploma, official high school or college transcripts, and an official iBT or IELTS score. Please note that ALCI requires a 2.75 minimum GPA for admission. 

After arrival at ALCI, English testing will determine the level of English placement at ALCI. Students who meet the English proficiency requirement for their intended program through ALCI testing can proceed directly into the university at the next available starting date without studying at ALCI (provided they have already been accepted to their intended program at the university). Students taking a leave of absence after placement in ALCI must retest if absent more than six months. More details can be found in the English proficiency section of this catalog. 


Associate Professor

Michael Chamberlain, Ph.D. , Program Director

Assistant Professor

Lauren Carroll, M.A.

Senior Adjunct Faculty

Denzil Barnett, Ph.D. Candidate

Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Cachiaras, M.A., Lecturer

Kevin Chan, M.A., Lecturer

Lisa Lee, M.A., Lecturer

Bryan Shaw, M.A., Lecturer

Rita Van Dyke-Kao, M.A., Lecturer