Normal Progress Toward a Degree and Time Limit for Degree

In most APU graduate programs, a student has a maximum of eight years to complete a master’s or doctoral degree, beginning from the term of initial enrollment in the degree program (an academic year is composed of three terms: fall, spring, and summer). Students in the School of Business and Management, however, have a maximum of five years to complete a graduate degree, and School of Education students have a maximum of five years to complete all program requirements, with the exception of doctoral students, who have six years to complete all program requirements. Students seeking the Master of Divinity have a maximum of 10 years to complete the degree, beginning from the first date of enrollment for coursework in the degree program, as determined by ATS accreditation. Students seeking the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) must complete their degree in a minimum of two years and a maximum of four (under special circumstances, a student in this program may be granted a fifth year to complete the degree).

For all students, in rare instances, extensions may be requested by petition. Granting of such a petition may entail additional degree requirements and/or repeating courses that have expired.

A professional student has seven years from the date of his or her first registration at Azusa Pacific University to complete his or her degree under the catalog in effect at the date of first registration. Students who continue in attendance beyond the seventh year may elect to meet the graduation requirements of the catalog in effect in the eighth year of attendance or the catalog in effect at the year of graduation.