Step 2: Clinical Practice Clearance

The following requirements must be met before any clinical practice experiences can take place:

  • Applications for clinical practice must be submitted to the Office of Student Placements by April 10 for fall term and September 10 for spring term. A candidate’s Academic Plan indicates the term for clinical practice.
  • In addition to the application for clinical practice, candidates must submit the following to the Office of Student Placements by April 30 for fall term and September 30 for spring term to clear for clinical practice for the advised term:
    • Posted bachelor’s degree.
    • Verification of successful completion of the Basic Skills Requirement.
    • Successful completion (B- or better) of all coursework from Modules 1 through 5 of the Academic Plan, in accordance with program advising.
    • Tuberculosis (TB) clearance, which must be valid for a two-year time period that runs through the end date of the assigned clinical practice term. Negative TB test requirements must be provided to the Office of Student Placements.
    • Valid Certificate of Clearance or other appropriate CTC-issued document throughout clinical practice.
    • Proof of successful completion of U.S. Constitution coursework or exam.
    • Original, passing scores of CSET exams or official verification of completion of a CTC-approved subject-matter program signed by the credential analyst at the California institution of higher education at which the courses were successfully completed. Note: CSET subtest exams must be used for credential purposes within 10 years of the individual passing date of each subtest or they expire.
    • Candidates seeking to use a contracted teaching position, either intern or nonintern, for clinical practice must submit all required documents by December 15 for spring term and August 15 for fall term, including but not limited to a copy of their teaching contract for the appropriate school year and a principal’s letter on school letterhead. Templates with the requirements for the principal letter can be obtained from the Office of Student Placements. All contracted teaching positions must be approved as part of the clinical practice clearing process prior to placement to ensure they meet all placement requirements. Candidates should contact the Office of Student Placements prior to accepting a contracted teaching position if they intend to use the position for completion of clinical practice. All candidates seeking intern positions must work with their credential analyst regarding any proposed teaching position.