M.A. in Educational Technology

APU’s M.A. in Educational Technology program is for credentialed educators who want to infuse their teaching with innovative technology-based curriculum.

The online Master of Arts in Educational Technology is an advanced degree program available to credentialed educators seeking to become leaders of new and innovative methods for the 21st century, equipped to infuse technology-embedded instruction effectively into K-14 teaching/learning environments and online learning communities.

Candidates gain expertise in digital teaching and e-learning, managing tech-supported curricular tools, global learning and cross-cultural literacy, applications of information and instructional design, internet technologies, digital imagery and digital communications for learning environments, and emerging trends in technologies. The program encompasses a scholarly and constructivist online learning environment that capitalizes on the most relevant pedagogy on technology-infused teaching.

The coursework is sequenced and integrated to progressively develop content, professional and pedagogical knowledge, and dispositions in the field. Students admitted into the online program must complete all coursework online.


  • Applicants must possess 12 semester units of undergraduate or graduate coursework in education.
  • For each year of verified full-time teaching, 3 units of prerequisites may be waived.


Term I
EDTC 511Foundations in Educational Technology3
EDTC 527Special Topics in Educational Technology3
Term II
EDTC 517Digital Communications3
EDTC 518Global Learning/Cross-cultural Classroom3
Term III
EDTC 523Educational Applications of Information Design and Hypermedia3
EDTC 521Digital Imagery for Learning Environments3
Term IV
EDTC 524Instructional Design and Development3
EDTC 520Managing Tech-Supported Curricular Tools3
Term V
EDTC 515Emerging Trends in Technology3
EDTC 526Practicum in Educational Applications of Technology3
Total Units30


University graduate admission and program-specific requirements must be met before an application is complete (see Admission to the University). Program-specific application requirements are available online.

International students should contact Graduate and Professional Admissions for application procedures.

Additional Admission Requirements

  • Email the program director, Kathleen Bacer, Ed.D., at kbacer@apu.edu describing technology proficiencies, technology goals, and learning styles that may be suitable to the online learning environment and educational technology degree. Also include the model and brand of the computer you will be using for the program, along with your internet service provider.
  • A résumé or statement of experience
  • Students may not enroll in more than eight units per eight-week session.

Computer and Software Requirements

  • A Mac or PC computer running the latest operating system and latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Premiere Elements 10

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Demonstrate a functional analysis of educational technology and online learning that infuses technology-embedded instruction into K-14 learning environments.
  2. Implement multiple digital communication tools and web-based resources within a teaching-learning environment.
  3. Create and implement a global learning project that demonstrates cross-cultural competency.
  4. Research emerging trends in educational technology that result in an applied digital presentation.
  5. Utilize instructional design principles to create effective learning environments.
  6. Design a comprehensive website (e-portfolio) that exhibits acquired skills in the educational applications of technology.
  7. Articulate professional and technological growth attained from the MA in Educational Technology degree program.