Minor in Sociology

Students in APU’s sociology minor study human behavior and social life as they prepare for careers in a broad range of fields.


18 units

Core Courses
SOC 120Introduction to Sociology 13
SOC 298Basic Sociological Theory3
Elective Courses
Select 12 units from the following:12
Anthropology for Everyday Life 2
Introduction to Statistics 3
Social Psychology
Contemporary Social Problems
Comparative Family Systems
Human Diversity 2
Immigrant L.A. OS
Sociology of Religion OS
Education and Society F
Community S
The Sociology of Gender
Field Internships 4
Social Movements ES
Crime and Delinquency
Social Stratification F
Contemporary Social Theory OS
Writing 3: Qualitative Social Research Methods 5, F
Writing 3: Quantitative Social Research Methods 5, S
Special Topics
Senior Seminar: Faith and Social Issues OF
Total Units18
F Offered in Fall only
S Offered in Spring only
F/S Offered in both Fall and Spring terms
EF Offered in Fall in even years
ES Offered in Spring in even years
OF Offered in Fall in odd years
OS Offered in Spring in odd years

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Understand and evaluate social research, and also to develop well-designed research projects.
  2. Recognize the influence of race, class, and gender on human behavior and social conditions.
  3. Articulate the role of social institutions—family, religion, government—in shaping social life and identity.
  4. Utilize the comparative and historical perspective to evaluate the effects of the social context on cultural beliefs, values, attitudes and practices.
  5. Utilize a sociological perspective on human behavior and the social order—including social structures and institutional practices—that empowers them to act in response to the Scriptural mandate to work for peace and justice.
  6. Describe their sociological education and the development of a sociological imagination in relation to Christian faith and life.